WSH Series Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

WSH series pump is designed for the most difficult pumping applications like highly abrasive, high density pumping requirements. It can handle slurries containing in excess of 70% by weight. Combined with advanced hydraulic design, it provides higher efficiency, superior wear-resistant volute, and impeller, and will require less maintenance and thus a cost saving and improved cost of ownership . Pump Features Material Casing-Made of ductile Iron, with ribs that help casing withstand higher operating pressures. Wet Ends-Impellers, liners, volutes are made of high-chrome alloy to resist wear, corrosion or impact. Structure - Special structure design to fit in high head applications, where more than one pump in series is needed. High efficiency, lower power draw. - Oil lubrication to lower bearing temperature, reduced time. --Impellers are designed to be trimmed multiple times to fit motor speed, when required.        

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