WMP Series Medium Abrasion Slurry Pump

WMP HEAVY DUTY SLURRY PUMPS WMP medium abrasion slurry pumps are designed for the most difficult pumping applications for highly abrasive , high density or erosive slurries. Extra thick sections at wear point and perfect Impeller structure ensures satisfactory performance with long life and needs minimum maintenance requirements. Pump Features Single stage, single suction, overhang shaft, centrifugal, single casing horizontal pump Material: Shaft sleeve: Ceramic, tungsten carbide or other hard material are optional for coating, to increase wear resistance. Bearing Assembly- Grease Lubrication are optional depend on the usage. Seals options- Packing Seal, expeller( centrifugal or dynamic) seal and mechanical seal are optional to fi different application Part design: Impeller – with multiple impeller types, for diverse applications to get best performance. High efficiency with lower NPSHr, large particle handling, enhanced performance, increased durability. Recessed eyes are available.