SPH Series Medium Duty

SPH MEDIUM DUTY SLURRY PUMPS: SPH pumps are single stage, single suction, over hang, double casing horizontal slurry pumps, widly used in power plant, metallurgy, mining, coal ,building material and chemical industries to deliver abrasive or corrosives  fluids. Due to its large flow rate and high head, SPH pumps are particularly suit for pumping long distance slug in power plants. SPH pumps could be used as multi-stage pumps in series. SPH SLURRY PUMP MODEL MEANINGS: TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Usage of versatile wear-resistanct metal allows SPL slurry pumps could be used in different industries such as mill discharge and tailings in mining process, ash removal and FGD in power plants, coal washing in coal preparations, to reduce operation cost, minimize maintenance and down time. ATLAS SPH PUMP QUICK SELECTION CHART: