WXF(R) & WLF(R) Series Froth

WXF(R)/WLF(R) FROTH PUMP: The WXF(R)/WLF(R) Slurry Pump series are particularly designed to handle froth and high viscosity slurry in nonferrous metal extraction where flotation process is utilized , the slurry which contains fine particles and fine dispersion of air bubbles need to be pumped from one flotation cell to another or to the next process, in these conditions the froth pumps are needed. Wear-resistance high chrome white irons or various elastomer molded wet parts are optional for different slurries. WXF pumps are converted from WX (R)pumps, WLF pumps are converted from WL(R) pumps. WXF(R)/WLF(R) FROTH PUMP MODEL MEANINGS: TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: WXF(R)/WLF(R) pumps are especially made for pumping the slurries of flotation process in non-ferrous metal extraction, the slurries contain bubbles which are very hard to be got into impeller eye in normal slurry pumps such as WX(R) and WL(R) pumps. WXF(R) and WLF(R) pumps are converted from WX(R) and WL(R) pumps with several parts modification, the enlarged inlet of throat bush, the blade shape of open impeller and venting pipe in suction pipe. Hard Metal or elastomer liners are optional, to obtain longer wear life and reduce Total Cost of Ownership. MP SELECTION CHART ATLAS WXF(R)/WLF(R) FROTH PUMP QUICK SELECTION CHART: